In case you missed it. . .

Sunset from Hotel Mariposa in Manuel Antonio – note the infinity pools. And yes, I’m melting into a puddle even as the sun is setting.

006Moriah and I wanted to find the best location to watch sunset and we definitely succeeded with Mariposa.

I wanted to upload a few additional slideshows while I have internet working to share a bit more of the past few weeks.

First, here are a few great photos from the first big soccer match between Costa Rica and Italy two weeks ago.  School closed down for the two hours and we all watched from Salsipuede.  Thanks David!

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Here’s a few photos of an outing David took us on to Playa Matapalo south of Manuel Antonio during one of the bi-weekly planned day-long power outages in Manuel Antonio.  Awesome to have Spanish class on the beach with Keilyn, but this had to be the hottest place on the planet that day.  The water felt like it was poaching my feet and I was sweating even standing waist deep in the water.  Seriously insane, and this beach.. .goes on. . .forever. . .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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