Viva Costa Rica!!

It’s been amazing to be here during the soccer world cup.  The Tico pride is busting the country wiiide open!!  For those who know me well, you know I couldn’t care less about sports, but this experience is not just about sports.  It’s about unity and pride and love of country and culture in a way I’ve never experienced before.  They have a chant that goes something like this “Oleee, oleee, oleeeeeeee. .. Tico’s. .. Tico’s!!!”  And they sing it in reference to everything they love about their country and people, and it’s the anthem for the games.  You can hear it over everything else if you listen when Costa Rica is playing and it drowns out all other sounds during the games on this end!  Even the howler monkeys!  HA!  Love it.

Here are some awesome photos of the incredibly exciting game from yesterday.  My new friend Emma invited me to watch the game with her and her lovely Tico hubby Louis in a bar/restaurant I’ve spent a bit of time in called Salsipuedes.  Note the hilarious Red Sox and Bob Marley memorabilia on the walls.  There’s also a lot of Cuba stuff off to the right of the photos, if you can see it.


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Anyway, you can see in sequence when CR scores and it appeared they would win the game, and then . .. . Greece scored a goal when the game was just about over!  The elation turned to horror and sorrow so quickly, I thought everyone was going to start crying.  Then. . .Woohooooo!!!!!  GOOOOAAAALLL!!!!  I tried to capture the insanity on the streets afterwards, but my camera sucks and the cars were going too fast.  So much fun.

Quote from The Costa Rican Times today.

“For the US citizens that do not understand the excitement of the World Cup every 4 years, do you feel that heartbeat? That is the pride of the nation of Costa Rica that has been unified by experiencing their first World Cup quarterfinals. It is amazing the positive energy of Costa Rica right now……..

No one is doubting the team from Central America anymore.”


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