Five weeks and counting

Spanish classes are going well, and I’ve only cried in class once (seriously), so that’s an accomplishment. I feel like I’m going to cry often, but I’ve mostly been able to hold it together! It’s a very emotional experience for me, and it’s incredibly frustrating when I’m trying to express myself in Spanish, but just can’t put the sentences together or can’t come up with the vocabulary I need to communicate. I can’t imagine what Joaquin and Norberto went through moving to the US to go to grad school knowing very little English, or what my Cuban family members went through entering the US during the revolution and afterwards, or what millions of immigrants go through daily across the world as they enter foreign countries trying to improve their circumstances and those of their families.  I’m here studying Spanish by choice, under extremely fortunate circumstances and I’m struggling with five hours of intense instruction every day. Imagine trying to glean what you can on the fly as you simply try to survive? I’m deeply humbled and impressed.

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This past week we’ve had a few outrageous storms. The deluge of rain is one thing to behold, but the thunder feels like an earthquake.  The only way I can describe it is that it feels . . .personal!  You feel it throughout your body like . .. I don’t know. .  pressure waves or something.  One of the storms brought strong wind with it, which isn’t unusual for us on the East Coast of the US, but here apparently wind is unusual.  It caused water to pile up on the balcony above my front room and then WHOOSH!  The water found it’s way through the wood and into my apartment.  I had about a five foot wide waterfall that soaked everything.  Even my computer and ipad got wet, but thankfully the laptop was closed at the time.  I had to run around moving all of my things into the bedroom with the hope that the water wouldn’t find it’s way in there! No way to get help here either.  I had to go out in the storm to find the ‘security guard’ who came in with a broom to help me get the water out of the apartment, but by then the waterfall had stopped. The owner of the apartment is an A-hole who lives in Canada half the year (this half) and she couldn’t care less.  She won’t authorize the staff to bring anyone in to assess the issues and fix anything that might need fixing to ensure the apartment won’t flood again. As far as she’s concerned, it’s a non issue. Not even as much as an apology. She told the staff that I could move into the hotel for 2.5 times what I’m paying now or move out, but she said she was going to keep part of my reimbursement to cover fees she paid to Airbnb.  I paid those fees too Beeeotch.  Anyway, I love my apartment and would prefer to stay, but it means taking the risk of another flood. I found another apartment and am waiting to hear back from Airbnb about the reimbursement.  The other perpetual issue is that they simply cannot find a solution to provide consistent internet in my apartment.  I have to sit in the crappy apartment next door to do anything significant like post this blog.  Oh well.  We’ll see what goes on!

Pura Vida!!


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