Adventures of the past week

Last week was quite eventful.  On Wednesday, the entire town of Manuel Antonio had no electricity from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  We learned about this in a very interesting way.  A car drove around the day before with the driver yelling it through a bullhorn – HA!  Everything closed down, and without fans, it was miserable indoors so David sent us on a few adventures.  First we went to the butterfly garden across the street from my apartment that is part of a private nature reserve.  Not only do they raise 15 species of butterflies, but they are also a preserve for reptiles and have several enormous crocodiles, a bunch of turtles, and about 20 caimans.  The conditions didn’t seem too humane to me, as the reptiles just live in some dirty little pools, but the guides I’ve met who work there are avid naturalists and appear dedicated to the protection of the animals and the environment.

After our visit with the butterflies and walk around to see the other critters, I was a Tica for the afternoon and went shopping with Keilyn and Vivian in Quepos.  My assignment was to do all my shopping in Spanish.  My brain boiled long before I even set foot on the bus, but regardless, shopping in Spanish was a success thanks to Keilyn.

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On Friday we celebrated my two week anniversary!  David took us all on a great adventure to a safari lodge in the mountains outside Quepos.  We went on an incredible hike that ended at a waterfall that we all climbed into.  We then had a grand lunch on the deck overlooking the beautiful grounds.  Muchas gracias David!

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I also spent some time in Manuel Antonio National Park (as much time as I can) and as you can see, I can’t get enough of the monkeys!  They are all around my patio right now, flying through the trees!  Incredible.

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And the mapaches (raccoons) are ridiculous.  Seriously.  I wrestled with one who tried to take my backpack right out from under my arm.  You can’t rest for a minute!  And they stop to scratch in the middle of their wrestling matches.  Hilarious.

Seriously dude?

Seriously dude?


One response to “Adventures of the past week”

  1. Marie Oleary says :

    I am at a loss for words for all that you have experienced in 2 weeks Cat. It looks like such an adventure. I can’t wait to see what you do next. Thanks for sharing.

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