Introductions. . .

David and Mauricio at Academia D’Amore

I wanted to introduce you all to the fabulous staff of Academia de Espanol D’Amore, the Spanish immersion school I’m attending daily for the next two months.  My teacher Keilyn is fantastic.  Thankfully she is also very patient and kind!  Mauricio is the sweetest man ever.  He does everything at the school from general maintenance to plumbing and electrical work, to hosting students for conversational Spanish an hour each day.  I have so much fun with both Keilyn and Mauricio!  Yesterday I helped Keilyn pull information together on the Pacific Gargage Patch so that she could present it in an environmental science class she is taking at night.  She was a hit!  She said it prompted lots of great discussions in class, and loads of learning for the students.  Today Mauricio found a vine snake in the trees and brought it to me so I could handle it and experience it.  What a beauty!

Viviana runs the place with grace and humor, and is the administrative assistant to David who is the Director and founder of the school.  David is clearly a beach bum at heart and has a silly, fun-loving soul.

They all seem to be like family and generally care about each other.  It’s a wonderful environment and I’m so thankful I found this school on line!



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