Play in Quepos Saturday night

My new friend Moriah was in a play Saturday night that was very well done.  What I could understand of it. . .was hilarious and poignant.  The house was packed on their opening night, which was surprising considering the topics.  The play was sort of a public service message encouraging families to openly discuss topics typically considered taboo here in Costa Rica – sex, sexuality, homosexuality, menstruation, reproduction, etc.  They used humor and dialogue through short skits written and produced by the actors, and the audience loved it.  They may take it on the road and visit other communities – very cool.  Moriah is the lovely young Chica in the black skirt.  She is sooo courageous!  She studied Spanish at the same school I’m attending and then moved here on her own about a year later.  She found this theater as she was looking to build her ‘community’ and now she’s completely been taken into their fold. Great job Moriah!

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One response to “Play in Quepos Saturday night”

  1. pat oconnor says :

    just viewed website and loved seeing life in another world through your eyes. talked to mom and she had already viewed it with jim. take care of yourself and try not to get voted off the island!

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