Taking matters into their own hands.

After class yesterday I spent the afternoon with my new friend Moriah and she showed me around Quepos.  She lives in a Tico community that apparently floods badly during heavy rains.  Her neighbor took matters into her own hands and is paying to dig a trench and install a drainage pipe.  Unfortunately, they dug through the side of a hill that is a graveyard!  It appears the hill could easily erode in the next rain, and with the crosses marking the grave sites teetering on the edge . . . it’s hard to know what will come down with the soil!  Yikes.

I just realized I never got a picture of Moriah – I’ll fix that tonight.

I’m getting ready to go on a tour of Manuel Antonio National Park this morning and will spend the day exploring the trails and beaches in the park.  Tonight I will attend Moriah’s play – sort of a Spanish Vagina Monologues!!

More to come.  . .


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One response to “Taking matters into their own hands.”

  1. Elizabeth Mclean says :

    I love the pictures and the recounts, it sounds like you are having an awesome time. I bet the water is warmer and clearer there than here… enjoy!

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