Nick of time!

Made it back to my apartment just in the nick of time today.  Missed the downpour by minutes!  Here’s a few photos from my patio of the sun pushing it’s way through the thick clouds.  I was sooo smart to get an apartment with a covered patio during the rainy season!  This patio is the best. Isn’t that hammock something?

Anyway, it’s day two of classes and it is amazing to have my Spanish language lessons with such a fabulous teacher.  Four hours of intense one-on-one each day with Keilyn, and then an hour of conversation with Mauricio who is so much fun!  He cut down two young coconuts from one of the trees on the property today and opened them for us to drink.  Then I got to eat the yummy coconut from both.  Starting next week there will be more students, but for this week. .  .Keilyn & Mauricio are all mine!

I also made a new friend today. Her name is Moriah.  She’s from Arizona and is a former D’Amore student who loved CR so much that she moved here!  The people at the school are taking such great care of her.  They helped her find work and an apartment and have truly become her CR family.

There are many things I wish I had thought to bring with me, as it’s impossible or just too insanely expensive to get them from my little town.  Would you believe I paid about $10 for length of rope to make a clothes line?  Oh well.  Such is life in tropical paradise.  I’ll certainly manage!

Tranquillo. ..


Sun broke through the clouds!

Sun broke through the clouds!



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