Greeted by a downpour and howler monkeys!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well, it took an extra day to get to Costa Rica due to a flight delay, but I arrived safely on Saturday. I was greeted in San Jose by Norberto (thank you Norberto!) and in Manuel Antonio by a torrential downpour (it is rainy season, after all), a group of howler monkeys that kept me up all night, and one sloth so high up in the tree that I could only see his little round sloth-butt!  As predicted. . .monkeys on my porch!!

Sunday was GLORIOUS! Sunny all day, no rain, white faced monkeys everywhere, and the horrifying screams of howlers from a distance only. Today was my first day of school and as the only student this week, it was intense!  More students show up next week.

Anyway, I finally figured out how to create a slideshow – sort of.  I also have awesome audio of the howlers and a few video clips, but apparently I can’t upload them to this site without a $$ upgrade. So . . . still images it is for now!

Special thanks to Joaquin and Norberto for helping pave the way for my fabulous welcome to CR!  Stay tuned and enjoy.


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